Tecno Panels was founded in 1994 by some members operating in the furniture field. Over the years it managed to achieve the difficult market of polymeric foils doors/elements.

Keeping constantly renewed production cycles and the continuous research of innovative materials allow us to be at the forefront to supply products required by the market.

The constant research of our technicians allowed to joint the technology of 3D doors production to the handle postforming to J or 45°. In order to satisfy our customers requires we designed and realized a specific machinery for their production.

Our sensivity for the environment and thanks to the partnership with the biggest polymeric producers allowed us to develop ecologic products that allow the environment safe


Tecno Pannels was born producing PVC pressed and veneered doors.


The continuous growing is increasing its production sito from 2.000m2 to 4.000 m2

LATE 90s

The company very attentive to the market changes knows that the new trends are moving from classic to high gloss products, for this reason changing production and technologies


Tecno Pannels is becoming a more important reality and in 2003 is building a new site of 10.000 m2 investing on new technologies.


TECNO PANNELS is a solid company, constantly evolving and in 2015 is expanding its production site of 2.000 m2


Tecno Pannels, respecting the market requires, jointing the door production with membrane pressing system to post forming production of J handle or 45° doors

Respecting the ethic code, we are using for our products wooding materials well managed and, on require, ew can supply certiified products CARB & TSCA Title VI

We use ISO, FSC® & PEFC® certifications to grant a correct production cycle and traceability materials.

Our long experience allowed to develop a solid sales force operating in the Italian market and for the 70% in the foreign market